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Ideas for an Awesome (and Candy Free) Easter Basket!

Elise Dombach

Don't get me wrong...I actually like giving my little guy candy. Its so much fun to see his eyes get big, hear giggles come from his mouth, and always as sweet "thank you mommy!". My heart melts. But Moms, you know that at special holidays kids seem to get candy from everyone. So here are a few ideas to give you a start on those baskets, sans candy...

Easter Basket Ideas without Candy, Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas


1. Plush Bunny Teethers, by your's truly. There are so many print options to pick from, but I especially love the seersucker for Easter! The rings are made from organic hardwood maple and the plush ears come off and are machine washable.

2. These Baby Booties! This are seriously the cutest booties I've seen and each pair are hand crafted. They are one of my absolute favorites for baby!

3. The Story of Easter, by Thomas Nelson. Carson got this board book from his Grandparents for his first Easter. Since Easter often revolves around Spring, bunnies, and baby chicks, I love the idea of including something that teaches our kids why we remember and celebrate Easter!


1. The Big Picture Story Bible, by David R. Helm. Carson and I recently started reading a few pages from this kids' Bible while he eats breakfast in the morning. He is actually fascinated by the pictures and there are only a few words on each page, so the stories move along quickly.

2. Crayola Twistables Mini Crayons. I'm finding that these crayons are perfect for little toddler hands that are just getting used to coloring. Since the crayon is in a hard plastic holder, they are less likely to break but still easy for little ones to use with a fair amount of independence.

3. Sunglasses. These sunglasses are adorable and the quality stands up to busy toddler hands. Even if your little one won't keep them on, they'll love to play with them!

Big Kids

1. Flip Flops. These are a cheep and fun item to receive for big kids. With warmer weather just around the corner, its a great way to fill the basket with something that is also (kinda) a necessity.

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones. I bought this Bible before we even knew I was pregnant. The illustration in this book are gorgeous and I especially love how each bible story is told in a way that ties back to the salvation and grace we can receive through Christ. I can imagine that we will read this book for years to come!

3. Crayola Model Magic. Possibilities are endless with this stuff and kids just love it! It is minimally messy (mom win!) and can turn into several projects when you let it dry and color your sculpture with markers.

* Some of the links contained in this post may contain affiliate links. As always, I personally love all of these items and all opinions are my own.